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Magnetic Car Mount

The Blue-Garuda Magnetic Car Mount differs from traditional clamp-like holders by using a super magnet enclosed in a high quality rubber casing. The idea behind this dual feature is to help overcome vibrations that are picked up while driving therefore creating a more secure hold on devices. And for drivers, this will provide them with an extra reassurance that their phone and mount will remain safe from falling allowing them to concentrate on the road ahead.

The Blue-Garuda car phone holder has been tested with various types of smartphones and cell phones including the Apple iPhone 7/6 Plus/5s/5c/4s, Samsung Note 4/S8/S7/S6 LG G6 and the HTC One. It can also support mini-tablets and Kindles.

This magnetic holder contains no adjustable clamps or arms but instead uses one touch technology allowing it to be fixed easily to a vehicle’s air vent. By incorporating this technology helps to eliminate the problem of suction and residue marks on dashboards and windshields, which is the number one customer complaint of conventional phone holders.

The magnetic car mount holder comes supplied with magnetic metal plates that are to be used together with devices such as smartphones cell phones and GPS devices. Devices can then be secured by using the magnetic metal plates in one of three ways:

1. Stick the adhesive metal plate either directly to the back of a device or on the inside of its case.
2. Place the metal plate in between a device and its case.
3. Stick the adhesive metal plate on the inside of the removable back cover of a device.

Weighing 0.09lbs which is less than 1.5ounces allows this mount to be transferred between different vehicles easily, but it is still strong enough to support larger 5.7″ phones, Kindles and even mini tablets.

The minimal design of this car phone mount allows for phones to be rotated from portrait to landscape viewings freely while still keeping them within easy reach. In addition to this, the Blue-Garuda magnetic car mount can be used during hot summer days as well as cooler days, making it suitable to use all year round.

Our new product will go a long way in minimizing any inhibitions drivers may have when using this holder compared to traditional holders thus ensuring greater customer satisfaction. Customers will benefit from the convenience, dual-feature design and versatility that this latest product has to offer.

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